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About us

We work with water, not just in water.

We are  small swimming center , located in a family house in Bratislava Kramáry . We opened our gates for small swimmers in November 2018 and in a short time the number of our satisfied clients has multiplied.  


We are not a swimming school , we do not have the ambition to complete courses and increase the number of hours quickly. Our priority is for parents and babies to feel comfortable , comfortable, safe and not experience the stress of coming quickly.

and leaving the lesson. We try to pass on our joy of water to children and parents, to teach them to slow down

and enjoy the present moment .


We believe that water is an amazing multidimensional environment that gives us the opportunity to do many things in it that cannot be done on land. In our classes, we try to push the boundaries of water perception and believe that it is more important to learn to swim with  water, not water.


How to enjoy staying in the water as much as possible?

Our tips for parents and their babies.


Let your baby perceive and feel the water


Spend time watching your baby. Look them in the face, talk to them, try it  feel the mood today. 


Help them regulate and discover their own feelings.


Your sense of touch and the way you hold them should not be too subtle or too coarse.


Let your baby be curious. Water is a unique environment. Tap it, you can squirt it, blow into it and create bubbles, listen to its sound.


Ask yourself, what are you interested in? Watch your children's guidance. Keep an eye contact on them. With their eyes, they can tell you what they like and what they don't.


Let them play in the pool, the more they play, the more they learn.


Observe and respect them.


Don't judge them and don't put pressure on them unless they do something the way you imagine. 


Rejoice with them, this is their world and their chance to discover and develop feelings.

Are you interested in our swimming courses for babies and children?

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